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Geoff's Unwarn application


Steam Name: Geoff

Steam ID: 76561198202857104

Who Warned You: Smith Bob

Reason For Warn: Stealing job specific vehicle

Proof: *XYZ Rules*

Why you should be unwarned: I think the reason you should be remove my warning admin that is reading this is because the warning is false and was not even explained to me by Smith Bob. The reason I got the warning again was stealing an Tow Truck now I have read the rules back and front and sorry if im wrong but there is no rule saying you are not allowed to do that. Another point is he just warned me without even bring me to an admin sit and explaining why I was warned for an reason that is not in the rules. Now I understand after because of Gary telling me that it would stop the person doing there job but from my point of view I just saw the Tow Truck and stole it knowing that Im not breaking any rules but yes I do understand if I keep the warning.


ey yo I'll take this one boys


"You may carjack without advert if the vehicle is unlock. You may not steal EMS vehicles as they cannot do their jobs without it." I used this logic while dealing with this. When you steal a towtruck you are disallowing the owner to do their job which is to tow vehicles. I will request the rules to be stated more clear just to stop any further confusion in the future.

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