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Draco's Staff Application


Steam Name: Praetorian Mind

In-game Name: Draco

Discord Name: Praetorian Mind#6909

Real First Name: Edward

Age: 17 turning 18 soon

What is your timezone: CEST

Hours played on the server: 11 Days 1hr+

Any references: N/A

How often do you play/what time of day: Im usually on once per day also the time when i usually get on are different sometimes but im atleast 1-2 hours on the server everyday. but i usally get on 8-9 am on normal work days and play to 10am then i attend college and i usally get on 2pm-3pm after im finished at school and usually play for 2 hrs sometimes more.

How many warnings do you have and what are they for: I have 0 active.

Have you ever been banned: Yes for nitrp i believe but it's over 1 yr ago

Are you VIP: I am Elite.

Do you have a working microphone/headset: My microphone/headset works on discord and in game.

What do you think being a moderator means: Making sure everyone is having a good time and rules are being followed also that minges/trolls and hackers will get the punishment they deserve before they can damage the server/ player status on the server. also helping out new people to the game/gamemode, also helping in making rp more serious than having minges walk free and commit mrdm or do other toxic acts to destroy rp.

Why do you want to become a moderator: I can help Xyz because of my experience with ULX and other moderating tools, along with my ability to be level-headed in even the most arduous of situations. I know this will help as some minges can be very irritating, and this skill would allow me to stay calm and deal with them when other people could not. I have organized events on other servers and always maintained a high standard RP here, and elsewhere, and so by becoming a staff member I could further teach and encourage all forms of RP. Except ERP Ofcourse Tongue

If you are staff on another server, you are expected to leave those communities. Do you accept this: Yeah i do.

Are you aware that as a staff member you will be demoted for using commands off duty: Yes i am.

Do you accept that as a staff member you will have to give up RP time on the server inorder to take sits: Yeah i do.

Question based answers:

Player A joins the server. He switches to a gun dealer job and then runs into the back of spawn. He begins spawning in shipments and putting them inside his inventory. He then switches to thief and begins using the weapons. What do you do:
Bring him to a sit and explain him that self supplying isn't allowed then i would have given him a warning for self supply.

After you have dealt with player A, player A begins to try and mug players in spawn. Player B, one of the people player A tries to mug, calls a sit and you claim it. What do you do:
I TP to player b and brings player b and a to a sit and i explain to player a that spawn is a no rp zone and i would have warned him Failrp,Mugging players in spawn.

Player A then goes on to run out of spawn and randomly shoot at cars down the road. Multiple players begin calling a sit on player A. What would you do:
Bring player a and ban him for nitrp,minging, He have already gotten enough chances.

During a raid you kill player B. After 2 minutes player B comes back to the location and shoots you leading to you dying. What would you do:
I would call another admin and report player b for breaking nlr and rrdm (Revenge rdm) aka Rk)- Revenge kill)

Similarly to last situation, you are being raided and die. You go AFK for a few minutes and miss judge how long you be and return to the situation. A sit is called on you for NLR. What would you do:
I would try to explain i was afk and i didn't mean to break nlr but if the player don't wants me to get a verbal i would accept the warning for nlr.

You're about to start a bank raid. There are currently 3 sits waiting to be dealt with. What do you do:
B: Deal with the sits currently waiting

Player G is asking for a whitelist to OFC because Player N (his trainer) is having a problem with the whitelist system. At what rank can you take this ticket:
C: JR-Mod

After player G is whitelisted he arrests player I and doesn't read them their rights. Player I then reports player G for Failrp. How do you respond:
B: Tell player I it is not a staff problem and to take it to IA


As one very wise man (morgan) Said. "everytime, where is the detail. ive seen more detail in my nans doctors notes"


you used to be staff a long time age you where ok at it (not great but not the worst at that time) but that last day, that last day of you being staff will leave a scared image on your name no matter how many times you change it (also swear your blacklisted from staff because of your last day)

for people who don't know draco is;
Jim street
+ an arse load of other names which once got a reputation of being a minge he changed


Jim, you keep constantly changing your name. It isn't going to make us forget who you are.



Denied, please do not apply for staff again. Should you need more information please message me on discord.

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