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Government panel


Title: Government panel

Suggestion: My suggestion is to create a Government panel (accessable in-game & out of game) where you can whitelist (if u have perms in that department), view active warrants & wanted, view user info (like the swep, if u have perms in the department), maybe view offence logs for a specified person (like a CAD system), also mby a mugshot (so you can use how the look like in RP without metagaming), & other cool stuff

Why it will be beneficial to the server: Make it more realistic and easy for government

Any relevant links: None applicable


+1 that can be cool


+1 I like


+1 maybe could work


+1 useful


+1 if it works why not?

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1+ really smart

1+ really smart




I think when Xwhitelist is a thing there is going to be a panel for people to white list, at least thats was the idea


+1 Yes

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