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Add back the guns for crews


Title: Add back the guns for crews

Suggestion: I am asking to re add all the weapons that were in the crew store before but were for some reason removed, i used the crew store all the time for quick purchase of some of my favorite weapons including the ar15 and sv98.

Why it will be beneficial to the server: after the eco wipe i have completely avoided playing criminal jobs because i can no longer buy the guns i want to use without finding some brain dead idiot playing gun dealer, some may say that the crew store was killing gun dealers but it never was because the amount you would pay for most guns in there were more than triple the amount you would for a gun off of a gun dealer, so really only the players with a lot of money would invest in a crew for them and their friends to get easy guns.

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As you would have noticed with the Eco Wipe we made a wide list of changes as due to the fact we removed the VIP Store so we decided to move the items which we wanted to keep into the Crew System but we also added weapons that aren't often used in the server. But if you really want weapons such as an AR or SV just ask for someone to change to Gun Dealer and sell you the weapons as that is the point of that job.

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