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Mike Sano Signing out


XYZ has been a part of my life for almost 3 years and for the most part I have enjoyed it but all good things must come to an end and its finally here.

It is hard to leave after such a long time but I think its better for me to leave and get it out the way rather than drag it out.
I have seen this community pretty much from the start and seen what it has developed into and I hope that I have made a difference for you in terms of helping people out and being someone to talk to about their issues. I'm going to miss some of you who have made the community enjoyable for me and I hope to see some people on games outside of GMOD

I have lost interest in GMOD over the last couple of months and I have overtime grown a hate rid for the game which has been caused my many factors which include other games and drunken.

I'm not going to leave for good I'm still going to be around on the discord to talk to the few people that I like on here but don't expect to see me in game for a while.

I'm sorry if this isn't as long and detailed as you expected it to be

Regards, Mike <3


In a bit big tits


Cya mate x


goodbye mike


Uh Oh


Cya babes x


cya trust fund boy


Bye Mike


Cya, just don't resign from Chief or Ben will get a promotion ;(


F for mike

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