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ems / pd


Title: ems / pd

Suggestion: I think that there should be more reason to play EMS or PD. I think especially due to the eco wipe, less people will be playing these jobs and a possible further way to make money could help, such as, more money for a revive, possible tips for EMS, or for PD there could be a bonus amount of money given for jailing someone (like $1000) per person you put into jail.

Why it will be beneficial to the server: These methods (or similar) could help make activity pick up and add more of a reason / bonus to play PD or EMS

Any relevant links: None applicable


+1 They also removed the option for ems to sell armor and med kits so they should increase the revive money



We are currently looking at making more ways that Government jobs can earn money with one being a patrol system which can most likely be explained better by Dingle if you ask him about that.
But we are looking at potentially adding rewards for doing certain actions for arresting people, increasing pay for reviving people but limiting it so that people can't abuse it at the same time.

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