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Drug Dealer Price Changes


Title: Drug Dealer Price Changes

Suggestion: The Drug Dealers/Drug Lords are pretty useless, the money you make from manually tending to weed etc is not worth the time you spend. You may as well just invest that money into printers and make your money back within the hour. My suggestion is simple: increase the amount of money drug dealers get from selling weed - alternatively you could also add back in meth and make that a more costly and larger operation however with huge benefits (making more than printers per hour).

Why it will be beneficial to the server: It would diversify how people make money and draw in new players since there are more play styles. Being able to build a base and do something active (such as growing weed or cooking meth) would be a refreshing change from simply sitting afk protecting your printers. It would offer a greater incentive to base building and offer an alternative criminal way of producing money since drug dealers are not a viable method currently

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We have increased the minimum and maximum sell price of weed so you will get
in-between "$3000 - $6000 per gram now in comparison to $1000 - $2000 per gram

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