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Eco Wipe Changes


Title: Eco Wipe Changes

Suggestion: Increase the money you get from printers
More money from Bank, PD and Store
Low prices of guns to around 75k-100k
Add Some of the old cars back
Increase printer battery time to around 10 mins

Why it will be beneficial to the server: Ive seen a lot of people complaining about these problems and i think doing this would make people more happy

Any relevant links: None applicable


+1 Printers are not even worth it anymore and the new prices are insane


The prices of stuff are due to change from getting feedback and seeing how much money people can obtain over time, As you know the previous issue was that people had too much money and had nothing which they could really spend it on. So the current prices have been increased just to see how it goes because It is better that we have stuff nerfed and overpriced than having stuff OP and underpriced.


why can’t we buy sv98s from the crew store anymore?


+1 faxx


I dont mind the prices and stuff




Most likely over the following month, we will be making price adjustments although what is changing is not confirmed,
it will just be a trial and error until we find the price we think is perfect for things.

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