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Player report of Business Man Viper


Steam Name: Callum

In-game Name: Callum 04

Your Steam ID: 76561198361398483

Reported players name: Business Man Viper

Reported players steam name: Viper

Steam ID of reported player: 76561198321786771

Witness Account: I was in spawn talking to someone then he comes over and punches me and then kills me with a desert eagle 3 time but I only got in on record 1 time

Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukfg04Px9gg

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Once I review the evidence which will be soon I will get back to you.


So from what I see he Viper clearly comes into spawn while you are talking to Rocksteady and then for no reason starts to stab you then pull out a gun to finish off, resulting in this being RDM but it was in spawn so it’s RDM in spawn. The use will receive a warn ingame, thank you for reporting this

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