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Hello i have been experimenting recently with the sirens and i found out you can change them, so what i have been doing in looking for the best siren sound (in my opinion) and been using it and giving it away. Alot of people have been asking me how and stuff so i am giving you a tutorial. This is client side so people will have to download it to hear it but you can still hear it.


Step 1 Downloading process

You first have to download it first before you can hear it.


You click "Clone or Download" and then click "Download ZIP" once you have done that you can move to step 2

Step 2 Putting it in your game

What you do is you open the ZIP file that says "New-VCMOD-master" then

Open the folder that says "New-VCMOD-master" Then

Open the ZIP in the folder that says "vcmod_els.rar" Then

Drag and drop the folder that says "vcmod_els" into the Garrysmod addons folder

After you have completed all them steps you can restart your game and join the server.

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