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Militia rules


(13-09-2019, 10:41 PM)Benjamin Wrote:
(13-09-2019, 11:31 AM)EYY IM WALKIN ERE V2 Wrote: Doesnt it defeat the purpose of having a client thrn


We made a suggestion to not even have clients as we don't wanna be a new PMC but it got added, we can still have clients and help them but 90% of people don't want a person annoying them while solo playing.


- 1  Actually defeats the whole purpose of militia.

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+1 cause an actual milita would go raiding and shit like that so it would make sense for them to raid pd and that


(Yesterday, 02:37 PM)Lucky Luciano Wrote: - 1  Actually defeats the whole purpose of militia.

You're retarded if you think this "defeats the purpose of Militia" the purpose of the Militia is to protect and sell guns, we are still able to do both things, this would give us more of a reason to come play on the server, everyone is already getting pissed off with shitheads constantly dying within 5mins of being hired.

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