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Drunken's Mod Application

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General info

Steam Name: Drunken Guy In Your Basement

In-game Name: Drunken

Discord Name: (E.g. Example#1111): Drunken#8071

*Real First Name: Don't Want To Share

Age (Minimum 15): 15

*Country: England

*GMT/UTC: ( whatismytimezone.com ) GMT

Hours played on server/game (Minimum 24): On The Police RP 36 days

*Any references: I cant Play, John Smith, Henry, Ghost Road, Jazzzi ,Cleo, John Sheapard, Ballistic Dog, Tony Costello, Papi

*How often do you play/what time of day: All Day Every Day (Unless I'm Banned Off My PC)

How many warnings do you have and what are they for: On Police RP 73 But on Prison RP 0

Have you ever been banned: On Police RP Perma Banned 3 times on prison RP 0

Are you VIP: On Police RP yes

Do you have a working microphone/headset: Yes I Have A sades SA-922 But i'm Getting Logitech headset on the 13th of June

What do you think being a moderator means (Go in-depth): I believe it means hard work, but also takes other qualities such as being kind hearted to being strict with someone. This is not for everyone (Truthfully) and it is not all fun and games but helping the server and make sure the rules are kept so the server stays respectable. I’ve played the server since the last make change and had around 2 weeks on it I love this server and the people on it and I have made more friends on It in the past year than friends I have in school.

Why do you want to become a moderator (Go in-depth): Why do i want to be moderator? I want to be mod so I can aid the server and keep great and to sort out the people who has NITRP (No intention to roleplay.) Don’t get me wrong I can take a joke but if needs be I cant be strict. I love this server and I want to give something back to the community of it. From experience if there is no staff on the server is absolutely chaos, I want to control that and make it respectable again and give the server the people that it deserves, not mingy people but grateful and people who are here to roleplay.

Are you aware that as a staff member you will be demoted for using commands off duty and that you will have to give up RP time on the server so that you can take sits help other players: Yes I'm Aware Of This

If you are staff on another server, you are expected to leave those communities. Do you accept this?: I'm not a staff member on any other server

Please answer in as much detail as possible how you would deal with the following scenarios: Ok.

1. There is a hacker exploiting and have given themself god mod, players are complaining and want you to do something about it.

I would: Firstly i would activate my Staff Command and invisibility then TP to the Player. Ill do this so the Player doesn't know i'm spectating him. Ill watch him for a bit if i have valid evidence that he is hacking I will ask a higher admin to ban him for the correct amount of time. (Something like this will always end in a ban)

2. A player tries to raid your base without adverting but you kill him. He returns before his NLR expires and snipes you.

I would: Call A Sit Using the '@' command and wait for the admin to TP to me then show him the evidence. Then wait for the admin to warn him for Revenge RDM and Failure to Advert.

3. A player has been harassing you for the past hour, raiding your base and mugging you every chance he gets. You accidentaly kill him and he requests a modsit for RDM using @ in chat.

I would: Explain what he has been doing and give them evidence of this. I would explain that the shot was a mistake and accept any punishment

4. Someone contacts you about a player hiding in the corner of the map with a printer while playing a job classed as a government official.

I would: TP to him and if it is true warn him for having printers as a government and destroy the printers and contact his higher ups.

5. Player A is raiding player B, player A kills player B. After respawning player B returns to the raid and snipes player A while standing outside his NLR Zone. Player A requests a modsit. During the modsit player A starts excessively swearing and insulting player B, player B pulls out a weapon and kills player A.

I would: Firstly i would warn Play B for Revenge RDM and NLR (as he really did return to the last situation) I wouldnt Do anything to player A apart from gagging him for the duration of the admin sit. Then i would warn player B for RDM in a sit

6. You catch a player breaking a rule and you issue him a warning. After receiving the warning the player gets aggressive and threatens to perform a DDOS attack on the server.

I would: I would Perma Ban him for DDOS threats and tell higher staff about him.

7A. Player A joins the server and kills player B at spawn. Player B requests a modsit. After arriving it quickly becomes apparent that player A does not speak English. Unfortunately player A needs to be removed from the server, but as you prepare to kick player A, player B starts making excessive racist remarks towards player A.

I would: I would sadly kick Player A and warn Player B for RDM in Spawn and Ban Him For 30 mins for Racism.

7B. Explain why player A from scenario 7A needs to be removed from the server.

Because: XYZ server is an all English Speaking server so if you don't speak English you have to be removed

8. After explaining a rule to a player you catch him breaking it again shortly after. You prepare to issue him a warning but when he realizes he is in trouble he leaves the server.

I would: I would Ban Him for 6-12 hours for LTAP and the rule he broke.

I know people have mixed opinions of me being staff, and you have a right to be. I'm Sometimes annoying, arrogant. But i make XYZ fun. I've made some mistakes in the past on the server such as i used an admin command accidentally and i got warned for it.


Massive -1 from me you’re the biggest minge around. Good luck


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literally told you these were closed lol


still better to be early


Clossed, drunken don't make another staff application here until you've been told they are open.

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