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"Courage is fear holding on a minute longer"


BS9 was founded on the 4th of April 2019. Upon its foundation, it has vastly expanded and has become the richest crew currently running. We are valued at $250,000,000 as of 16/04/2019. We have the best shooters and have the most skilled individuals that Rockford has to offer. Our Command within BS9 is very laid back but also look for a certain skill set in individuals within the crew. If anything was to go wrong in regards to our member's actions that are not supported by BS9 then action would be taken to effectively deal with it. We are open to all and we take our applications very seriously. Upon joining BS9 members are required to undergo 4 days of probation. During this time, High Command will evaluate your communication skills, positives and negatives, activity, attitude and determination. Every member who is recruited into BS9 is welcomed with open arms and we ensure that when in BS9, they enjoy it. Along with this application, there will also be tryouts held often in-game.


- Age of 15+
- 2 Days Playtime
- Microphone
- Discord Accessibility
- Approachable Attitude.
- Uphold a professional standard.


Discord Name:
Steam Name:

Upon successful entry into the crew, you will subject to a 4 day trial period. If you fail this trial period, you are free to re-apply within 24 hours of failure. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me on discord. In addition to this, you will be sent the BS9 discord via DM's upon a successful application.

If you are found to have been lying in your application then you will be dismissed from the crew and could face a blacklist.

DISCLAIMER: Your balance does not affect your performance or possibility to enter the crew. You are also not required to pay any "deposit" to join the crew.


Name: SomeDude Chris
Age: 15
Playtime: 3 Days
Microphone[YES/NO]: YES
Discord Name: SomeDude#7367
SteamID[32/64]: 76561198380388218
Steam Name: SomeDude

I know we had some conflicts and stuff with annoyance and mingeing. I have grown up a bit more, and I am a lone wolf after I disbanded GS9.

I want to be in a nice community, that are actually not minges. Thank you for reading this.


Even this shit clan has a age limit of 15+


"We have the best shooters" BS you dont got me


(10-04-2019, 11:17 AM)Heercamelot Wrote: "We have the best shooters" BS you dont got me

Yeah when they say that they mean they got me, which is more than enough.


You guys are not the best shooters when you got heercamelot and future mass shooter reaper against ye

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this is the dumbest shit i have seen on xyz ever

and also dont u dare take the Title of ''we have the best shooters'' there are plenty of pepole who would beat u up in a fight my dude


(10-04-2019, 12:15 PM)Reaper Wrote:
(10-04-2019, 11:17 AM)Heercamelot Wrote: "We have the best shooters" BS you dont got me

Yeah when they say that they mean they got me, which is more than enough.



the name relates to the status of this thing a ma jig


Oh frick I am only 12 can I still join?

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