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DGG Recruiting

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We are a gang with skill passion and wealth.
Join us today we host regular try outs and we aim to grow our gang to the biggest and best
clan on XYZ.

There is a £30,000 joining fee but that is just to get you started.



There are not many as long as you play hard and try and fulfil our aim that is fine by me



We do have ranks so work hard and you can go up them

We have me as Godfather

Then we have Gang assistant leader

Then we have our four companies

Company A - Comapany leader

Company B - Company leader

Company C - Company leader

Company D - Company leader



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30K joining fee lol, also "gang with skill passion and wealth" last time i raided your base (which you called /911 and 9 feds came) i got 11 frags in that AND your friend NLR'd then you tried to but got caught, it was a failbase too and STILL successfully raided it. oh and you didnt even have your printers lvl 13, they were purple/tier 11-12 when i blew them and you and covenant are both elite. F will be forever quoted on that.

EDIT: How are you taking 30K from your trainee's or interns then say "but that is just to get you started" YOU ARE TAKING AWAY THEIR MONEY TO GET THEM STARTED LOL WHAT.


These clans/gangs are hella gay, just join a department or mafia or Jakuzi or something.




The 2 things I hate.

1. Naked Profile Pictures,
2. Made up gangs which break rules 24/7.


1 thing I hate
1. Fucking gangs like this and BS9 which make no utter sense


he has 4 teams in his clan from A to D I dought you have anyone in your crew lmao


you mean this?
[Image: https://weaponsandwarfare.files.wordpres...res_lg.gif]

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