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We had a bigger crew but it got “disbanded” so I resurrected it. Don’t get me wrong we do except women but thiefyboys has a good ring to it.

What we do: We rob banks,PD,stores and bases. We will print more often but we are currently getting more people on as it is a new crew we have over 10 or so people and are growing fast.

How to join: If you want to join then beware of being searched, It’s just a safety protocol just in case you are undercover. You will be then invited to the discord. I think I’m supposed to write something like “and stay awesome” but that is cringey, but that’s all you really have to do.

Message me on discord if you want to join

Discord name: lukemccormack935#1390

Stay awesome, Luke


sound barrhaar bad


(07-02-2019, 11:40 AM)Drunken Civilgamers.com Wrote: sound barrhaar bad

don't be dissing thiefyboys

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